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What do you want from your Simplicity experience? Because it is about YOU.

Betty, as her ‘drinking buddies’ know her by, holds a mirror up to you – you may not want to hear it – but it’s coming….no more excuses – it’s ok to be where you are at – because she knows and thinks you are perfect right in this time – but if you are coming for change or to seek change….you are gonna get them – so look out! There is no running or hiding once she has you in her gun sites…. All with humor and LOVE – she will gently or not so much call you where you need to be….

Betty is a tireless and passionate advocate for your participation in your life – to WAKE UP and be what God called and asked you to be….Hey – she gets it – 3 kids, oil in the minivan that needs to be changed and the lawn needs to be mowed --- we all have busy lives and get dizzy from all the things that need to get done…. But transformation can be enormous starting with one small change per week---

We don’t have to go pedal to the meddle and be health crazed maniacs and bathe in wheatgrass and get stuck in yoga poses and shun all that we know and love to make some changes- …..implementing small changes that you like – dare we say love…can make your life evolve and bring you JOY.

ONLY one rule – to hell with all the guilt, fear and shame we marinate in by what we do or don’t put in our mouths…no more rules of you can’t or restrictions and the mind games that come with it – we eat real food and drink real drinks (her favorite drink is whiskey).

She shares a life approach that has changed her life, and her family’s life. When she experienced fertility issues almost 10 years ago, she really thought it was almost the end of the world. (very dramatic) So many gifts that she had taken for granted were suddenly pulled away from her. (or so she thought)

The pain was intense, and there seemed to be no silver lining. Yet here she is before you, filled with gratitude; the darkest days gave birth to the greatest gifts. Did she go through quite a bit to ‘get’ the gift? Absolutely. But it was because of that journey – not in spite of it, but because of it - that she learned, grew and let go to a degree she didn’t think or know was possible.

And not until she truly let go, did she truly begin to receive. And so today SIMPLICITY asks that you join us in being open to change, open to new experiences, open to forgiveness, and open to love. Bless you and your healing and health journey. Now let’s invite fun and JOY back into our lives.

Beth has spoken at schools, companies and homes on her experience and her Simplicity philosophy and has helped hundreds of people get turned on and tuned into their own life and JOY.

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Founder | Simplicity Holistic Health ®
Certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor 
Master Juicer 
Board Certified, U.S. Association of Drugless Practitioners 
Certified Holistic Health Counselor 
Licensed Closed Colon HydroTherapist 
Member, International Association for Colon HydroTherapy 
Reiki Practitioner 
beth@simplicityhh.com | (317) 829-0100

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