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Simplicity SMASH

3 oz. FRESH AIR + muddled basil + 1.5 oz of top shelf bourbon + ice + splash of soda water


3 oz GREEN MACHINE + high end vodka with a dash of Worcestershire + Tabasco + fresh cracked pepper + ice – garnish with a cherry tomato (make it a meal with an olive, celery, pickle)


3 oz Watermelon Momma + 1.5 oz silver tequilla


2 oz of ORANGE BLISS + 4 oz. bubbly Brut Champagne

GREEN-CHLOROPHYLL Hydration Tropical Foundation

3 oz. of GREEN-CHLOROPHYLL + 1.5 oz. of premium White Rum, serve in a martini glass– garnish with an orange slice


3 oz. MOMA + 1.5 of exceptional Vodka– garnish with strawberry (umbrella optional) beach location –book it now!


3 oz. FRESH AIR + 1.5 oz high end bourbon – garnish with fresh cherry if you please - In the summer- over ice & In the winter- warm on stove

FAT BURNING Pure Perfection

3 oz of FAT BURNER + 1.5 oz. of high end Vodka

FAT BURNER BUBBLY The Ultimate Champagne Cocktail

2 oz of FAT BURNER + 4 oz. Brut Champagne& splash of bitters – garnish with a twist of lime

FAT BURNING Pure Perfection

3 oz of FAT BURNER + 1.5 oz. of Silver Tequila garnish with a lime.

 PINK PLUS Choose your hydration libation!


  • 3 oz of PINK + 1.5 oz to 1 oz Award Winning Vodka
  • 3 oz of PINK + 1.5 oz of Top Shelf Rum
  • 3 oz of PINK + 1.5 oz Silver Tequila


Spicy LemonLove Margarita - submitted & mixed by Anne Collins

6 oz of Spciy LemonLove + 2 oz tequila with a splash of lime juice and a tiny splash of simple syrup

Rum Burner - submitted & mixed by Matt Albaugh

1 oz Zaya 12-year blended rum 1.5 oz Fat Burner & 1 teaspoon cranberry simple syrup rim with spiced rimming sugar

Elder Air - summitted & mixed by Matt Albaugh

1 oz St Germain + 3/4 oz Fresh Air, 1 oz Prosecco garnish with lemon citrus rimming sugar

UpBeet & Downtown - submitted & mixed by Shannon Baxter

6 oz of UpBeet & 2 oz of high end tequila - garish with a lime

OVER INDULGED?. Can you still party like a rock star, but not recover like one? Simplicity Recommendation: Take two hydration juices : PINK, MOMA or GREEN and you’ll be back on tour again soon. Enjoy responsibly you over 21 year olds!

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